Is Sirius Satellite Radio right for You?

Sirius Satellite Radio is a satellite audio service provider that offers over 130 audio entertainment channels in the United States and Canada.

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Sirius is one of North America's premier audio services! They provide 69 channels of music and 65 channels of commercial-free and uncensored sports, news, talk radio entertainment.

Visit the SiriusXM web site.

Sirius carries a wide variety of genres 24/7, 365 days a year! Sirius Satellite Radio merged with XM Radio in 2008 and the new company is known as SiriusXM Radio.

Dish Network television services use SiriusXM to provide it's Customers digital CD quality audio entertainment content.

What programming does SiriusXM offer?

SiriusXM, Sirius Satellite Radio helped to create home-grown content with popular personalities like Jimmy Buffit, Eminem, Martha Stewart, Steven Van Zandt and the notorious Howard Stern. It offers News, music, sports, and talk content.

What are the "Exclusive channels on Sirius Satellite Radio"?

Here's a list of exclusive channels on Sirius Satellite Radio:

  • Iceberg Radio
  • image of DJ Mona-Lisa Image courtesy of DJ Mona-Lisa

  • CBC Radio 3
  • Rock Velours
  • Energie2
  • Sports extra
  • Hardcore Sports Radio
  • Sports express
  • ESPN All Access
  • Radio Korea
  • NPR Talk
  • RCI +
  • CBC Radio One
  • The Weather Network Satellite Radio Service
  • Sporting News Radio

There are a variety of ways to listen to SiriusXM Sirius Satellite Radio at home, like combining a Dock & Play or Portable radio with a home stereo System.

Sirius Satellite Radio offers two types of in-home receivers (radios), either a SIRIUS Satellite Radio Tuner for your home stereo system or a stand alone SIRIUS Tabletop Internet Radio for rooms like your kitchen.

You can use the included remote control with the radio tuner model, to operate the unit and display artist names, song titles and menus on your television.

The Sirius Satellite Radio Tabletop Internet Radio Uses a high-speed Internet connection to stream SIRIUS Internet Radio in your home or office.

If your are using your computer to listen to Sirius Satellite Radio, I would opt for a software solution like the Windows Media player plug-in or the stand alone player application.

Sirius provides in car mobile satellite receivers for many automobile manufacturers:

image of Radio Westar Image courtesy of H. Michael Karshis

  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Chrysler
  • Dodge
  • Ford
  • Infiniti
  • Jaguar
  • Jeep
  • Land Rover
  • Lexus
  • Lincoln
  • Mazda, Mercedes-Benz
  • Mercury
  • MINI
  • Mitsubishi
  • Nissan
  • Scion
  • Toyota

Are there On-line media streaming options available?

Sirius also offers internet streaming options for listeners who desire to listen to content on their computer, mp3 player or cell phone.

On the internet side, there's a Windows Media player plug-in available or a stand alone player application. There are two audio qualities available, the "standard" 64 kbps and the "Premium" 128 kbps options. Based on my experience, I would choose the "Premium" 128 kbps option for best sound quality. There are streaming radio stations on the internet that provide 320 kbps quality for free.

There are also free downloadable software applications available for BlackBerry smart phones, Android smart phones, Apple iphones and the Apple ipod Touch to use with Sirius Satellite Radio.

There's also a "Mobile App $55 Prepaid Service Card" which provides 3 months or more of Sirius Satellite Radio access. All you need is a compatible smart phone or a computer with an Internet connection to listen virtually anywhere!

What are the Satellite Radio stations on SiriusXM (Sirius Satellite Radio)?

List of satellite radio stations with SiriusXM" (Sirius Satellite Radio):


Channel Name Format
001 Sirius XM Hits 1 Top 40
002 The Blend Soft Adult Contemporary
003 Sirius XM Love Love songs
004 The '40s on 4 Hits from the 1940s
005 The '50s on 5 Hits from the 1950s
006 The '60s on 6 Hits from the 1960s
007 The '70s on 7 Hits from the 1970s
008 The '80s on 8 Hits from the 1980s
009 The '90s on 9 Hits from the 1990s
011 BBC Radio 1 New Music from the United Kingdom
012 The Pulse Hot Adult Contemporary
013 Elvis Radio Elvis Presley Music
076 Escape Beautiful Music
081 Jam On Jam bands


Channel Name Format
010 E Street Radio Bruce Springsteen 24/7
014 Classic Vinyl Classic rock from the 1960s and 1970s
015 Classic Rewind Classic rock from the late 1970s, 1980s and early 1990s
016 Deep Tracks Deep Classic rock
017 Pearl Jam Radio Pearl Jam 24/7
018 The Spectrum Adult Album Alternative
019 Boneyard Classic hard rock
020 Octane Pure hard rock
021 Alt Nation Alternative rock
022 First Wave Classic New Wave and Alternative rock
023 Hair Nation Glam Metal
024 Lithium 1990s alternative rock, Grunge
025 Underground Garage Little Steven's Underground Garage
026 Sirius XMU Indie / College / Unsigned
027 Liquid Metal Heavy metal and Hardcore
028 Faction Punk rock, Hip hop, Heavy metal, and Hard rock
029 The Loft Eclectic Acoustic Rock
030 The Coffee House Singers, Songwriters, & Acoustic rock
031 Radio Margaritaville Jimmy Buffett and other music appealing to Parrotheads
032 The Grateful Dead Channel Music from the Grateful Dead
033 The Bridge Mellow Rock
081 Jam On Jam Bands
035 Sirius XM Chill Chill out music
036 BPM Dance hits


Channel Name Format
035 Sirius XM Chill Chill out music
036 BPM Dance hits
038 Electric Area Classic Dance and Upbeat Music

Hip hop/R&B

Channel Name Format
039 BackSpin Classic Hip hop
040 Hip-Hop Nation Modern Hip hop
045 Shade 45 Progressive Hip hop
050 The Heat Pop and R&B
051 Heart & Soul R&B


Channel Name Format
060 The Highway Modern Country Music
061 Prime Country Country from the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s
062 The Roadhouse Classic country hits
063 Outlaw Country Outlaw country
064 Willie's Place Willie Nelson's Traditional Country
065 Bluegrass Junction Bluegrass


Channel Name Format
066 The Message Contemporary Christian
067 enLighten Southern Gospel
068 Praise Gospel

Jazz, Blues, & Standards

Channel Name Format
071 Watercolors Smooth Jazz
072 Real Jazz Traditional Jazz
073 Spa New Age
074 B. B. King's Bluesville Blues
075 Siriusly Sinatra Standards and Swing
076 Escape Easy Listening


Channel Name Format
078 Metropolitan Opera Radio Opera
079 Sirius XM Pops
080 Symphony Hall Classical music

Latin & International

Channel Name Format
083 Caliente Tropical/Latin pop
084 The Joint Reggae
085 Iceberg Radio Canadian Adult Alternative
086 CBC Radio 3 Canadian Indie Music
087 Bande à part French Indie Music
088 L'Oasis Francophone French Adult Contemporary
089 Latitude Franco Global Chart Hits

Howard Stern

Channel Name Format
100 Howard 100 Howard Stern's channels
101 Howard 101 Howard Stern's channels


Channel Name Format
99 Playboy Radio Adult Entertainment
102 Sirius XM Stars Talk
108 Sirius XM Stars Too Hot talk
109 SIRIUS OutQ Gay/Lesbian Entertainment
111 Cosmo Radio Women Talk Radio
112 Martha Stewart Living Radio Women's lifestyle programming
113 Specials Special Occasion Programming & Sports
117 Sirius XM Book Radio Books & Drama
118 Radio Classics Old Time Radio
147 Road Dog Trucking Truckers Talk and Entertainment


Channel Name Format
103 Blue Collar Comedy Comedy
104 Raw Dog Stand-up comedy
105 Laugh USA Comedy

Family & Health

Channel Name Format
114 Doctor Radio Health and medical information
115 Radio Disney Children's
116 Kids Place Live Formerly named "Kids Stuff"


Channel Name Format
91 ESPN Deportes Radio Sports
96 Sports extra Sports news and talk
97 Sports Express Canadian Sports News
98 The Score Satellite Radio Sports Talk
120 ESPN Radio Sports Talk
121 ESPN All Access Sports News
122 Sirius Sports Central Sports Talk
123 Mad Dog Radio Sports Talk
124 Sirius NFL Radio Sports Talk
125 Sports Play-by-Play 1 Sports Talk and Play-by-Play
126 Sports Play-by-Play 2 Sports Talk and Play-by-Play
127 Sports Play-by-Play 3
128 Sirius NASCAR Radio NASCAR Racing and Talk

Talk, News, & NPR

Channel Name Format
90 MSNBC TV audio simulcast
92 CNN en Espanol News
94 Premiere Plus Canadian news and information
95 RCI + Multilingual Talk
110 P.O.T.U.S Political talk
129 CNBC Financial News
130 Bloomberg Radio Financial News
131 Fox News Channel News
132 CNN News
133 CNN Headline News News
134 NPR Now NPR programs arranged specifically for SIRIUS
135 NPR Talk National Public Radio
137 CBC Radio One Canadian news and information
140 World Radio Network World News
141 BBC World Service News World News
144 SIRIUS XM Patriot Conservative Talk
145 Fox News Talk News/Talk
146 SIRIUS Left Liberal Talk


Channel Name Format
159 The Catholic Channel Catholic Lifestyle
160 EWTN Global Catholic Network Catholic programming
161 FamilyTalk Christian Sermons & Talk Radio


Channel Name Format
138 The Weather Network Satellite Radio Service Weather Updates Across Canada
148 New York Traffic and weather from New York City
149 Boston/Philadelphia Traffic and weather from Boston and Philadelphia
150 Los Angeles Traffic and weather from Los Angeles
151 Chicago/St. Louis Traffic and weather from Chicago and St. Louis
152 Baltimore/Washington DC Traffic and weather from Baltimore and Washington DC
153 Atlanta/Miami Traffic and weather from Atlanta and Miami
154 Dallas-Ft. Worth/Houston Traffic and weather from Dallas, Ft. Worth and Houston
155 Detroit/Las Vegas Traffic and weather from Detroit and Las Vegas
156 San Francisco/Seattle Traffic and weather from San Francisco and Seattle
157 San Diego/Phoenix Traffic and weather from San Diego and Phoenix
158 Orlando/Tampa-St. Petersburg Traffic and weather from Orlando and Tampa-St. Petersburg
184 Sirius XM Weather & Emergency Emergency Information

Best of XM (Premium package)

Channel Name Format
195 Oprah Radio Self-help Talk
196 XM Public Radio Public radio
197 The Virus Opie and Anthony, Ron and Fez
208 NHL Home Ice National
209 PGA Tour Network Live Tournament Coverage & Golf Talk
210 MLB Home Plate Major League Baseball talk
211 SIRIUS XM Fantasy Sports Radio Sports talk
212 Sports Play-by-Play NBA, NHL, and College Sports Play-by-Play
213 Sports Play-by-Play NBA, NHL, and College Sports Play-by-Play
214 Sports Play-by-Play NBA, NHL, and College Sports Play-by-Play
215 Sports Play-by-Play NBA, NHL, and College Sports Play-by-Play
216 Sports Play-by-Play NBA, NHL, and College Sports Play-by-Play
217 Sports Play-by-Play NBA, NHL, and College Sports Play-by-Play
218 Sports Play-by-Play NBA, NHL, and College Sports Play-by-Play
219 Sports Play-by-Play NBA, NHL, and College Sports Play-by-Play
220 Sports Play-by-Play NBA, NHL, and College Sports Play-by-Play

SIR / Only Available on Sirius Internet Radio

Channel Name Format
801 National Public Radio National Public Radio
802 Viva Latin Pop Hits
804 Mad Dog Unleashed with Chris Russo 24/7 Mad Dog Unleashed
805 Top 20 on 20 Top 20 Countdown
806 Pop2K CHR/Top 40
807 The Groove Old School R&B
808 The Village Folk music
809 Cinemagic Movie soundtracks
810 Sirius XM Limited Engagements Limited-run channels
811 Sirius XM Sports Nation 2 More Sports Talk
812 Sirius XM Bootlegs Exclusive Live Performances
813 Sirius XM Music Showcase Exclusive Music
814 Sirius XM Comedy Showcase Exclusive Comedy
815 Rosie Radio Rosie Radio 24/7
816 SIRIUS XM Patriot Plus Conservative Talk
817 America Left Progressive Talk
818 C-SPAN Radio U.S. Government Hearings and Public Affairs
819 Public Radio Exchange Public radio
820 The Power African-American Talk
824 Spice Radio Adult entertainment

What programming packages are offered with Sirius Satellite Radio?

SiriusXM Programming Packages

Package Name Benefits
Sirius Everything This gives you every SIRIUS channel for about $12.95 per month
Family Friendly Entertain the entire family for about $11.95 per month
Special Interest Pick your Genre for about $9.99 per month
A La Cart Pick a personalized package of channels for about $6.99 per month
Sirius XM All-In-One Enjoy all of SIRIUS and all of XM, all in one radio for about $ 19.99 per month

Whatever your listening pleasure, SiriusXM (Sirius Satellite Radio) will meet your personal tastes!

What's my conclusion about SiriusXM (Sirius Satellite Radio)?

image of Earth Lightbulb

If you are not satisfied with free over the air content or the free radio stations on the internet, travel interstate by car, or desire the exclusive content offered by SiriusXM (Sirius Satellite Radio), this is your ticket! Sirius Satellite Radio is an inexpensive and content rich source of CD quality digital entertainment to use.


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