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Internet TV allows you to choose which shows you want to view from either a program archive or channel directory. Demand is growing quickly for "TV on Demand", and TV broadcasters find they are left behind if they don't provide this service to viewers.

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Internet TV allows you to choose which shows you want to view from either a program archive or channel directory. Demand is growing quickly for "TV on Demand", and TV broadcasters find they are left behind if they don't provide this service to viewers.

One big problem with terrestrial TV is that you have to wait for the program to air. Internet TV allows you to watch whatever you want, whenever you choose to! You don't need a DVR or VCR to time shift programming and you get the ultimate in convenience. All you need to enjoy your favorite show is a computer and a fast internet connection.

Have you ever heard about a TV series that other's say is good, but it's already on it's third or fourth season? With internet TV, you can get caught up quickly by viewing the previous seasons on your schedule.
Heaps of "Friends" Props and Music as well as other Cool TV Shows like "How I Met Your Mother", "Seinfeld", "The Big Bang Theory" and More!

Where to Find Your Favorite Shows!

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Not all internet TV websites are created equal. Some offer programming that is connected with a TV network, like CBS or NBC. The network sites are a great way to catch up on your favorite programs. But what if they don't have what you want? There is an answer!

Sites like Hulu and Youtube offer older and newer programs, movies and lots of other content you won't find anywhere else. Youtube even streams some 1080p content, which is the highest quality of HD programming. Bluray discs and satellite TV also offer 1080p programs, but it's not for free.

What to Look For...


  • A site that offers lots of programming from multiple networks with a greater variety of shows is the best way to go. Sites like Hulu, contains programming from most other networks, so you don't have to surf from site to site to find what you are looking for.

  • Most content providers offer internet television for free. Users are often required to view commercials and banner ads throughout the program to help pay for the cost. Broadband internet like DSL, is required to enjoy internet TV.

Picture Quality

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  • Your internet connection speed directly influences the picture quality received. To view lower quality 720p HD programming, a 500 kbps connection is needed, and for H.264 HD encoded programming, you will need up to 3500 kbps.

  • Lots of broadband muscle is needed to deliver HD and SD content, and can also be viewed on various devices like Smart Phones and computers. Broadcasters like the BBC, transmit 12 GB (gigabytes) of information per second and over 7 PB (petatytes) in a one month period. That's a lot of zero's and ones!

High Definition

  • I have found that picture quality varies from site to site. Sometimes there is latency when watching shows. Generally, the lower the picture quality, the smoother the playback. If you experience a jerky picture, close unneeded computer applications to speed things up. I notice better HD quality when watching networks like NBC, ABC, Fox and CBS over the internet.

User Friendliness

  • Most sites are pretty easy to get around in, but others are a conflicted mess! I have found myself going around in circles trying to view prior seasons, because of site disorganization. It's something you have to live with unfortunately, when you are getting free content. If this bugs you, check out NetFlix. NetFlix is simple to use and very organized!


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How many times do you run to the video store to pick up something to watch when you're bored? It can be tiring and frustrating when the movie is already checked out, or you have to make a special trip to return a movie to avoid a late fee. NetFlix let's you pick your favorite movie online and mails it to your home.

Along with all subscriptions, you have unlimited internet streaming of all the shows in it's online library. So far, I have caught up on shows that I never knew even existed, even after years of prior past seasons. When I got interested in Nip/Tuck and 24, I was able to stream most of the prior seasons to my Play Station 3 or computer.

NetFlix is very reasonable and starts at about $10 per month. When you mail back a movie, the next movie in your queue is mailed out automatically. You can keep the movie as long as you want and there's never a late fee with NetFlix. NetFlix even offers bluray movies. I can't say enough great things about NetFlix!

Find Your Favorite Shows on the Internet!

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The WB

My Conclusion...

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It's hard to go wrong with free internet TV. You can view the newest shows or your old favorites for a taste of nostalgia. If you have a fast internet connection and don't mind commercials, it's a great way to go!

NetFlix now streams content over the internet to your TV or computer. You are able to view an entire TV series or movies or there is still the option to have DVD's mailed out to you. I have found NetFlix be a great source of TV shows and newer movies!


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