The Direct TV HD Receiver delivers the Best HD!

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Direct TV HD receivers take the signal from your satellite dish, decodes the signal and sends the signal to your HD TV. The HD receivers come in two varieties, A standard HD receiver and a HD DVR.

The DVR allows you to record an entire season of your favorite movies or TV series by setting it up just one time. When you place an order, be sure to get the HD DVR. There's an addition monthly charge for the DVR service, but it provides TV on your schedule, when you're ready to sit down and enjoy it!


The DVR version of the Direct TV HD Receiver allows you to get up to 1080p resolution, which is the highest HD quality available. Record 400 hours of standard definition programming, or 100 hours of high definition programming. Record programs up to 14 days in advance, then when the program is recorded, it shows up automatically in your on-screen program list for you to enjoy. You need the HD Access package (which is an additional monthly cost) to get HD programming.

HD Receiver

The HD receiver gives you up to 1080i high definition quality! It doesn't give you the 1080p resolution like the HD DVR, but if you don't intend to record your favorite programs or want to use this in conjunction with a HD DVR in another room, it's a great way to go.

What's The HD Picture Like?

I compare the picture quality of HD to looking out your kitchen window. It's very clear and vivid. Think of It like having your own mini movie theater right in your living room! You need the HD access package to get a HD picture.

Compare The Features!

Direct TV HD Receiver Features HD DVR STD HD
High Definition (HD) green star gif green star gif
Record programs green star gif  
Watch shows on your PC green star gif  
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound green star gif green star gif
1080p HD Quality green star gif  
Find new shows with the "You Might Like" feature green star gif  
DIRECTV CINEMAplus (400 of the Newest Movies in 1080p HD) green star gif  
TV Apps (Widgets) HR20 and up H21 and H23 Models Only
Parental Controls green star gif green star gif
The Whole-Home DVR service offers both HD and SD programming green star gif Works with a HD DVR
Search by channel, program title or actor/actress name to quickly find what your show green star gif green star gif
Screen format options include full screen, stretched, letter box, pillar box and crop green star gif green star gif
Resolution options include 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i picture quality green star gif green star gif
Earned the EPA's 2010 ENERGY STAR Excellence In Energy Efficient Product Design Award green star gif green star gif
The ACTIVE Button provides instant weather, horoscope and lottery information green star gif green star gif
Press the Red Button on remote for all of the major game scores green star gif green star gif
Multiple connection ports include HDMI, Component, S-Video, Composite and Optical Audio outputs green star gif green star gif
Caller ID displays who's calling on your TV green star gif green star gif
Two satellite tuners green star gif  
See instant replays, pause and rewind live TV green star gif  
14 Day Program Guide green star gif  
7 Day Program Guide   green star gif
3D HD green star gif green star gif

AM21 Off-Air Tuner

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Allows you to get your local off-air HD channels if not available through your satellite dish. Your local channels are integrated into your on-screen program guide of the Direct TV HD Receiver.

HD DVR Top Features


  • Direct TV offers 400 of the newest movie releases in 1080p HD quality. Watch over 4,000 TV shows and movies at no extra cost and 28 days before Netflix and Redbox even get them!

Whole-Home DVR

  • Whole-Home DVR lets you watch and record shows in up to 15 other rooms, using only one DVR. Record two shows while watching two other shows on two different TVs. You must also have Direct TV Receivers on the other TVs you watch programming on.

Why Get A DVR? You Can't Do The Following With A Standard HD Receiver!

  • See instant replays, pause and rewind live TV
  • Record two shows at once with the HD DVR dual tuners
  • The advanced Program Guide provides 14 days of programming information
  • Connect an external hard drive for extra storage


image of Panasonic_VIERA_TCP50GT25 Image courtesy of medbuoy

Direct TV is the first content provider to even offer 3D programming!

3D Channels Offered


  • Hollywood movies and documentaries, all in 3D.

Panasonic n3D

  • A dedicated 3D HD channel that serves up 3D sports, music, nature and arts programming.


  • View 85 real-time live sporting events in 3D.

What will You need to get 3D?

You need either a standard HD or HD DVR receiver, a 3D HDTV and the HD Access package to get 3D content.

Who Makes 3D TVs?

  • Panasonic
  • Samsung
  • Mitsubishi
  • LG
  • Sony

My Conclusion...

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Direct TV HD Receivers are your gateway to the best HD programming available anywhere! I would point you in the direction of the HD DVR because it offers television viewing on your schedule.

If you are buying your TV for HD purposes, don't scrimp with the lower quality programming offered by Dish Network and cable.

Directv provides the best HD. Get Directv!


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