Save time and frustration by quickly finding your favorite TV shows using local TV listings through Direct TV!

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Find local TV listings by logging in to your Directv account or by using the online guide without a Directv account. Remember, you also have a guide on your satellite receiver, just click the "Guide" button on your Directv remote control.

Click here to find TV listings on the TV Guide web site.

Click here to find TV listings on the Directv web site.

Save time searching local TV listings by using Direct TV to search for engaging local news, events and entertainment!

Direct TV offers national network coverage in virtually all local markets that it services in the United States.

Avoid The Frustration of Buying Older Direct TV Receivers to view local TV listings

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Avoid the frustration and hassle associated with buying older Direct TV receivers to view local TV listings. Local channels are not always found on the corresponding local channel when using older receivers. Sometimes local TV listings are found on other channels instead. For example, on newer receivers, you can view channel 2 by pressing "2" on your remote control. Some very old receivers may actually use a channel like 947 instead.

If you are thinking of buying a used receiver, save money by leasing a new receiver, get the latest technology and avoid the headaches associated with the older satellite receivers.

Easily Understand The Equipment Needed For High Definition programming

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Most local TV listings in the United States are offered with Direct TV service. Local channels across the united states command vast amounts of data on Direct TV's satellites. Because of the vast amount of bandwidth required and to offer local channels in as many local markets as possible, Direct TV is starting to implement mpeg-4 compression technology instead of the older outdated mpeg-2 compression technology.

In order to get your local channels using the mpeg-4 compression technology, you need a newer high definition satellite receiver. As I mentioned earlier, don't buy a used satellite receiver unless you know exactly what you are getting into! It's best to lease a newer receiver from Direct TV. Not only do you get a receiver that will meet your needs, but you can also get profession installation as part of the deal.

Enjoy Local Channel Availability!

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Eligibility of local channels is based on your service address. If you live in Seattle, but want local channels from Denver, you will be out of luck. It's not because Direct TV is being unfair, but because it's against the law to offer local channels outside of your local area!

I have heard of Direct TV Customers changing their service address after installation to get local channels in a different local market. This doesn't work! Direct TV uses a "Spot Beam" satellite antenna to beam local channels to your specific geographic area where it belongs. There are some spot beam signals that overlap, but not by much. To avoid getting yourself and Direct TV in trouble, stick with what's legally allowed.

Effortless Crystal Clear HD Local Channels...

High definition local channels are available in the majority of local markets that Direct TV services. To get high definition local channels, you must have the correct satellite dish, satellite receiver and of course a high definition television set. High definition equipment is needed to get the signal to your home!

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I have heard of Customers who purchase a new high definition television set, hook it up and think they are getting high definition content. It's sad, but they didn't do their due diligence in research to see what is needed to get high definition programming. I have seen Customers who thought they were getting high definition, but didn't really know the difference between standard digital definition and high definition. Yes, they may feel a little sheepish, but they get an education and won't repeat the same mistake! If you are ever in doubt, ask someone who knows.

Contact your equipment retailer or Direct TV and get the correct information when planning any television or satellite equipment upgrades.

A Direct TV Slimline satellite dish and high definition receiver is always required to get Direct TV high definition programming. You can get the correct equipment and information from your local satellite retailer.

Get User-Friendly Local Channel Information!

You can get up to date, user-friendly entertainment information on your favorite local channels categorized by zip code, by visiting a Direct TV retailer online, or the Direct TV website.


If you finished reading about "Local TV Listings", check out my "Direct TV Channel List" article

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